Happy New Year Everyone!

We are thrilled to give you an update on what has been going on in the West Virginia mountains the last few months.

For Thanksgiving this year, we stayed home and had a quiet evening with friends. The Thanksgiving weekend was exciting. We hosted a community “Turkey Shoot” and were able to bring many people from the area together for fellowship and sportsmanship. It was such a success, that more of these events are being planned!

December was an exciting and exhausting month for us. We did a lot of traveling to help with the Anchor Ridge Christmas Celebrations in Kentucky and North Carolina and the Carols For Kids with Big Daddy Weave. God is definitely moving in the Appalachian Mountains.

At our center here in West Virginia, we had three Christmas Celebrations. It was an awesome time. Each child received gifts and families received loads of goodies. The Celebrations began with Christmas songs and Josh Paul preached an inspiring message, which led to many people coming to the alter for salvation and prayer. One service had over a dozen children coming forward to receive Christ. Praise the Lord!

As we talked with the adults at the Christmas Celebrations, we soon began to realize the real hardships these families have gone through and are still experiencing. We are praying that this New Year will bring us more opportunities to talk with and get to know the families even better. In this way, we can help the children and their families spiritually, physically and emotionally through sharing the Gospel, handing out provisions, and Spiritual counseling.

Our personal Christmas was cold and quiet. We made it through the cold snap, but was without running water for three days due to frozen pipes, brought by the extreme cold temperatures here in the mountains. Thank you Lord for a little walnut that helped keep the well pump on. Ask Cliff sometime how the Lord answered his prayer.

We want to thank all of you that are sponsoring us so that we can continue to serve the families in West Virginia!


~Cliff & Stacey