Laura, an Anchor Ridge volunteer, is very talented and gifted in that she speaks multiple languages!

Appalachian poverty is a very real and sad component of many people’s lives, no matter what language they speak.

To help us better serve Appalachian families that are not able to speak English, Laura makes calls, answers questions and assists families in-person at our NC Community Center.

Use What You Have Been Given!

Every person has a special gift or talent! We encourage you, no matter where you are located, get connected and use your special gifts to serve others.

Just as God commanded Moses to use what was in his hand to part the sea; use your gifts, your talents and what God has placed in your hands to “part the sea” and change lives!

Most non-profit organizations, including Anchor Ridge, relies on the efforts of volunteers to operate. You can make a huge difference in your community and even around the world when you give your time and talents to glorify God and serve others!

As our reach expands and we’re able to touch more lives, there are many opportunities to “Lend A Skill” with Anchor Ridge! For more information CLICK HERE.