Anchor Ridge fights extreme poverty throughout the Appalachian Mountain Region while sharing the Love, Hope and Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Anchor Ridge serves in some of the most impoverished, remote areas of the Appalachian Mountains. Our child sponsorship program ensures that children and their families receive assistance with food, clothing, hygiene products, household items and much more on a regular basis.


One of the primary ways Anchor Ridge serves the Appalachian Mountains is through large outreach events, ‘Block Parties’. These events welcome an entire community or town to a location such as a school facility or civic center to hear the Gospel of Christ and receive truck loads of provisional items. Most events offer a hot meal, free haircuts, face painting and other exciting activities for kids! Since beginning these events in 2012, Anchor Ridge has witnessed thousands of attendees make a ‘decision for christ’ as they hear the life-changing message of the Gospel preached and experience a time of worship.


Tucked deep into the hollows (“Hollers”) of the mountains, are families that live in unimaginable situations. These families often live “off-grid” and have little interaction with local assistance programs or offerings of “community”. Our team heads out into these areas to find and bless the families with the supplies they so desperately need.


Many families in the Appalachian Mountains live in unlivable situations. Some have dirt floors, no running water, no way to heat / cool their home and little furnishing items to use in their home. Anchor Ridge distributes tons of building supplies each quarter to assist these families. Bringing volunteer teams together, we are sometimes able to provide the improvement services along with the supplies.

*Any family or person in need, no matter their background or walk-of-life is eligible to receive assistance. Anchor Ridge provides programs and services to everyone without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or other.