On July 13th and 14th, some of the areas we serve in West Virginia suffered severe, massive flooding caused by torrential rain falls. Some families lost part of their homes, others lost everything. Since the flood, Anchor Ridge has been on the ground serving in these communities. Thanks to the support of our partners, we’ve been able to send truck loads of provisions into the areas affected such as food, cleaning supplies, hygiene items, and household goods.

In one instance, our team met a lady named Debbie, who had lost her appliances in the flood. We reached out to our supporters and was quickly able to show back up on her door step with a brand-new refrigerator and stove!

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Another situation we found was an 81 year old man named Jabbo, living in a bug infested, mud-filled mobile home with no power or running water. As our team entered the home to assess the situation we quickly found that these conditions were not livable for this man. Again, we reached out to our partners and we were able to rescue Jabbo! We were able to put him into a rental for the next 30 days until a senior assisted living room becomes available for him in a nearby town.

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Countless other lives have been shaken and even lost by this devastating flood. Our teams continue to host distribution events, serve freshly cooked meals to the community and will be sharing some larger commitment rebuild projects soon!

None of what we do is possible without our supporters. When Anchor Ridge shows up, each donor shows up with us in Jesus’ Name to change lives and give Hope for His glory.