Thomas, a 8 year old boy from the mountains of West Virginia is in the Anchor Ridge Child Sponsorship Program. About one year ago his mother passed away, leaving Thomas to be raised by his father with the help of his grandparents. Shortly after, his grandfather passed away, leaving Thomas in great distress and uncertain for his days ahead.

Anchor Ridge just received word that Thomas’ father has also died.

Thomas and his father were sitting on the couch together when his father left the room to use the restroom, never to return. After his father had been gone from the room for a few minutes, Thomas went looking for his ‘Daddy’, only to find him lifeless on the floor of their small mountain home.

Thomas is now being raised solely by his grandmother.

Watch the video below to see how Anchor Ridge supporters were able to put a smile on Thomas’ face on his Birthday!

Thomas, 8 years old – West Virginia

Watch the update on Thomas and to see how Anchor Ridge supporters put a smile on his face for his birthday!