Recently, this young lady stopped by an Anchor Ridge Kids Club / Community Center location. While with us, she spotted the snack table and asked for gummy bears. The representative assisting the family told her she was welcome to have some, so she grabbed one. After a couple of minutes she asked if she could have more. After that, she started grabbing packs of gummy bears and running around to the staff, volunteers and other families in the room happily sharing and giving them gummy bears as well. It was super sweet, but it reminded our Community Center Representative of how we can be with God!

When we first start to seek Him, we sometimes only ask for the smallest amount of what we need. After a while, we become more comfortable and are willing to ask for more. Suddenly, the goodness of God just overwhelms us and we can’t help but tell everyone else about it and let it spill over to them as well! What a fun reminder from the Lord, who loves to give good gifts to His children!!

Thank you for partnering with Anchor Ridge to serve children and their families in the mountains!