Your sponsorship of an Appalachian Mountain child means more than you could ever know!

Since beginning this program we have seen thousands of lives touched and changed. Anchor Ridge child sponsorship offers each child and their family the Love and Hope of Christ, while meeting their basic physical needs of food, clothing, hygiene products, household goods, and more!

The current sponsorship donation amount of $30/ per month was set many years ago.

We are reaching out to our current sponsors offering an opportunity to increase your sponsorship amount. The new suggested donation amount per child is $39/per month; however, as a current sponsor you have the option to keep your sponsorship donation at your current amount, or increase your monthly donation in other amounts.

This increase helps close the gap of increased costs, while also enabling us to provide additional products and services to families. A small portion of each sponsorship empowers us to provide basic items to unsponsored children while they’re waiting for a sponsor.

An additional benefit of the increase is that it also helps cover the cost of keeping the community center for that child open multiple days each week, allowing us to offer greater support and services to each family including brand-new furniture, home repair supplies, spiritual counseling and youth activities.

Thank you for being a child sponsor and making a life-long difference in their life!