Last year, Anchor Ridge expanded the Child Sponsorship Program to the Southwest Virginia / Eastern Kentucky Region. Since we began serving this area on a monthly basis, the number of children and families receiving the supplies they need has grown exponentially.

It is time we establish a Phase 1 “footprint” in this area, as Anchor Ridge is committed long-term to the community. With this new storage center, it will be the beginning of a Brand New Community Center that will serve southwest Virginia and Eastern Kentucky!! We eventually plan to buy land and build a building, but we need something NOW!!!!

This 40 foot building will allow us to keep a lot of our common items in stock on-site, and will allow us to bring a wider variety of food and other essentials in the trucks when we deliver to the families each month. Most importantly, this will help us ensure to always have enough provisions for every child and family that shows up needing assistance. In addition to housing additional product, it will also enable us to keep clothing racks stocked and available for families to “shop” through (for FREE), and other items that can be distributed in times of family crisis or emergencies.

The building will be placed on a piece of land beside the local Rescue Squad, who has helped us tremendously by letting us use their facility to serve the community.

This building will be a humble beginning to something HUGE in this area! Just as Anchor Ridge originally started in a small 10×10 storage building, our southwest Virginia center in the future will be a full Community Center to serve these families.