This week, Anchor Ridge is honored to be hosting a mission team of seven from Tomoka Christian Church – Ormond Beach, FL!

Tomoka Christian, a multi-campus church in Florida, is a church with a HUGE heart for missions, discipleship, serving, and bringing the Gospel of Christ to the World! We’re honored every time Tomoka sends a team to Anchor Ridge to serve in the Appalachian Mountains!

This team started their week at our Community Center in West Virginia. They made home visits, built cabinets, loved families, and were a tremendous blessing at our local center and the community.

This morning, Anchor Ridge in North Carolina had the pleasure of welcoming the team to serve in this community! The team has been bagging hundreds of food bags and TEARING DOWN WALLS….Literally!

The Lord has blessed and grown Anchor Ridge tremendously and we are tearing down additional walls to accommodate the growing Child Sponsorship Program! Many child sponsors send their kids gifts, and the current expansion project is to create additional space to accommodate and process the large number of gifts coming in for kids in the Sponsorship Program!