Frequently Asked Questions About Child Sponsorship

What Is Child Sponsorship?

Child sponsorship is an Anchor Ridge program that connects a child in need with someone that desires to share love, hope and provide essential items to them and their family. When you sponsor a child, you ensure they receive groceries, toiletries, toys and other provisional items on a regular basis.

How does Anchor Ridge find the children needing sponsorship?

Anchor Ridge has been serving in the Appalachian Mountains since early 2012. There are three primary ways that Anchor Ridge finds children with significant needs:

1. Block Party Events – A public event to provide groceries and supplies for an entire town with the help of partnership organizations like Operation Blessing, World Vision, Feed the Children and local church and community groups.

2. #300STRONG Program – A program that enables the Anchor Ridge Team to search-out and deliver relief supplies to children and families in desperate need living deep in the remote areas of the mountains.

The children attending a Block Party Event or found during the relief effort of #300STRONG are then invited into the sponsorship program so they can receive the love and support they desperately need on a regular basis.

3. We work with local school officials in the communities we serve to help identify the children living in the worst conditions and situations.

Will my sponsorship connect me with an actual child?

YES! As a child sponsor you have the opportunity to choose a specific child or family you would like to sponsor. You will be able to communicate and establish a friendship with your child through letters and special gifts sent to Anchor Ridge. As you build this friendship, your sponsorship donation is combined with support from other sponsors as well as corporate partners to benefit your child, along with other children in the same community.

All letters and special gifts you send are hand-delivered to your child. Imagine the look on their face when they open that special gift from you! We make every effort to send a picture of your child with the special gift you sent back to you.

How much does Child Sponsorship Cost?

You can sponsor a child for just $39 a month. We have found that the most effective and efficient way to serve children and their families is by combining your donations with those of other supporters, rather than giving them directly to your sponsored child. Your support helps to provide food, toiletries, toys, school supplies, household items and much more to your sponsored child as well as other families in the community. When you sponsor a child, your sponsorship donation is multiplied over 5 times which means the child’s family will also receive the supplies they need. We are able to do this because of our partnerships with generous companies and organizations.

How does Anchor Ridge protect the information of children and sponsors?

All gifts and correspondence should be sent / received through Anchor Ridge. We never share contact information with anyone. When sending special gifts or letters please refrain from signing your full name or giving personal information. We also make every effort to remove contact information including full name from any correspondence made between sponsors and children.

Is my Child Sponsorship gift tax deductible?

Yes. Any financial support you provide to Anchor Ridge is 100% tax-deductible.

Will my Child Sponsorship donation always support the same child?

We work with real families often in very challenging situations and circumstances. There are times when families are able to relocate from the communities that we serve or, for other reasons, are no longer able to receive support from Anchor Ridge. Should this happen, we will contact you and offer to connect you with another child in need.

What happens when the child I sponsor grows up or, better yet reaches better living conditions in which they no longer need a sponsor?

Any time a child leaves the program we will contact you and offer to connect you with another child in need.

What should I expect after sponsoring a child?

After you sponsor a child you will receive a new sponsorship packet in the mail within about seven business days. This will include a picture magnet of your child for you to put on your refrigerator, along with more information about them including their clothing sizes, birthday and other information.

Can I send my child a special gift for their birthday or holidays?

Absolutely! Kids love receiving special gifts to celebrate their birthdays and other holidays. Simply ship the gift to:

Anchor Ridge (“Child’s Name / Child ID#”) 1137 River Road Liberty Grove Road, N. Wilkesboro, NC 28659

Many sponsors choose to shop on Amazon or other online retailers and have the gifts shipped directly to Anchor Ridge to avoid extra shipping costs.

Every effort will be made to send a picture back to you of the child with their gift.

What if I have questions that have not been answered here?

Contact us! We love hearing from you. Please call us at 1-800-722-8714 or email us at