For many, COVID-19 has canceled their plans and opportunities to serve others through world missions.  The Appalachian Mountain Region is a part of the United States where great need is apparent and is a great alternative for mission groups to serve, since international travel is currently restricted. For many communities, already suffering from economic depression with little hope of a bright future, the COVID pandemic has multiplied the need. Hundreds and even sometimes, thousands of residents of these communities line up to receive food and other items. Many families depend on the “Church” and organizations like Anchor Ridge to help lift them up out of their despair.

Recently, Anchor Ridge had the pleasure of hosting an amazing eight member mission team from Tomoka Christian Church – Palm Bay, FL for an entire week to do just that….Show-Up in situations and be a Light, a Beacon of Hope to those that are struggling.

After driving for hours to get to Anchor Ridge, the team assembled cabinets, wrapped Christmas gifts for kids, prepared gift boxes, assisted in the renovation of our North Wilkesboro worship center, conducted community outreach events in North Carolina and West Virginia and SO MUCH MORE!

When groups come together to change lives and share Christ, BIG things happen!