No matter what the need is, big or small, God is always faithful to meet that need!

This past summer, the heating / air conditioning system in the Anchor Ridge Volunteer and Community Center area completely went down. The unit, being very old and very expensive to repair, left volunteers and families receiving assistance to “sweat it out”.

Day after day, week after week, volunteers would pour into the center to bag groceries and prepare other provisions for families and worked through the heat of the summer with smiles on their faces.

A new heating / AC unit was a huge need for Anchor Ridge. We believed the Lord would fix this….and HE DID!

This past Sunday, Josh Paul ministered at a church in Mt. Airy, NC and declared Breakthrough for everyone in attendance. Little did he know, it was also a day of breakthrough for Anchor Ridge and everyone that uses the Anchor Ridge facility! After the service, a gentleman approached Josh and asked if he had need of this 20 ton heating and cooling unit that had never been used! This unit is valued at $45,000 and the Lord sent this to Anchor Ridge COMPLETELY FREE! This same gentleman is also going to take care of delivery and installation as well. What a blessing from the Lord!!!

Regardless of what your need is today, know that God is faithful. We receive prayer requests every day from those that need healing, salvation, financial miracles and so much more. Believe today that God can and wants to meet those needs!