Mission Trips

Going On A Mission Trip Into The Appalachian Mountains Is Life-Changing!

It requires you to sacrifice yourself and your desires for a cause greater than yourself. You’re able to step outside of your own world, learn about a culture deep in the mountains different from your own and serve others, all while fulfilling the Great Commission. Anchor Ridge wants you to encounter God’s heart as you commit to being His hands and feet to the children of the Appalachian Mountains.   After showing up in a child’s situation, wrapping a warm coat around them and reminding them that they haven’t been forgotten about is a life-changing experience we know you’ll never forget!

You can join Anchor Ridge for a Day Trip or plan an entire week for you and / or your team!

Planning A Day Trip With Anchor Ridge

TRANSPORTATION: Many of our volunteers choose to use their own vehicles for transportation to and from the event. Sometimes there are empty seats in a few of the volunteers’ cars who are happy to share their seat and split travel costs. Some groups rent vans or buses so they can all travel together.

MEALS: We recommend you pack snacks and bring enough money to cover the cost of your meals for the day.

SCHEDULE: Each event is different and will be published for that specific event.

At each event, please feel free to encourage children, pray with people and give out as many hugs as possible! Our mission is to bring joy and hope to towns who have none, so remember to smile and welcome each event recipient with the love of Jesus!

Planning A Mission Trip To West Virginia With Anchor Ridge

Anchor Ridge loves hosting mission teams from all around the country! We host teams from 1 – 25 people of all ages! You’ll love going on a Mission Trip To West Virginia With Anchor Ridge!

I am traveling as an individual (not as part of a church or mission group) and I would like to join the following Anchor Ridge Mission Trip:
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