Your Church Can Partner With Us!

1 John 3:17 reads, “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him? Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.”

Anchor Ridge is living out 1 John 3:17 by taking large trucks full of food, clothing, toiletries, toys and other supplies deep into the mountains where the poorest families are living in urgent situations. While we are there, they also hear about the life changing power of the Gospel of Christ! We have seen hundreds fill up the altar to receive salvation, deliverance and the love of Jesus! Below are some ways you can partner with Anchor Ridge as a church or youth group.

Request a Speaker

We love introducing Appalachian Families to your congregation! Click here if you’re interested in scheduling Anchor Ridge to challenge and equip your congregation to defend the orphan. This includes a variety of presentations to children, youth, and adult congregations.

Join a Mission Trip

Join us on a trip to bring supplies to families in the mountains! Not only does it make us realize how blessed we are, but it gives us a chance to help families who are living in desperate situations. If we don’t help them, who will? Click here to view our event schedule and plan a trip!

Sponsor a Child

Many children in the mountains don’t receive the proper nutrition then need and deserve. The families cannot afford to care for themselves. When you sign up to sponsor Appalachian Children, you are guaranteeing they receive the help them need, along with bags of groceries, toiletries, and toys to take home with them. Some of the children that attend Anchor Ridge outreach events are having the first hot meal they have had in weeks. Click here to find out more about sponsorship.

Become a Partner

When you partner with Anchor Ridge, you are making a lasting change in the lives of thousands of people each year. Your partnership gift will ensure large trucks full of God’s provision continue to arrive in the poorest towns throughout the Appalachian Mountains. When families attend an Anchor Ridge event, they receive a hot meal, a free hair cut, face painting, and a message from God’s Word. Afterwards, they get to ‘shop’ (for free) in areas where we have toys, household items, diapers and other supplies set up. Upon exiting the event, they also receive bags of groceries, paper products, drinks and other life-sustaining provision. Thousands are being ministered to with the love of Jesus and their lives will never be the same! Each month you will receive a picture and information about a child in need that received help because of your gift. Click here to become a partner.

Volunteer At Our Ministry Office and Distribution Center

Volunteering at the Anchor Ridge Distribution Center is fun and exciting! Your group will get to go behind the scenes to experience what makes our outreach events so successful! Volunteer opportunities include bagging groceries and other provision, sorting coats and clothing, organizing diapers and delivering supplies to local families in need. This is the perfect opportunity to get your congregation or youth group involved in making a HUGE difference in our local community and beyond! Click here to sign your group up for a volunteer time slot, or come by any Tuesday or Thursday evening at 6pm! (groups of 7 or more please contact us in advance)

Collect Clothing / Winter Gear At Your Church

Anchor Ridge would love to deliver a coat/clothing bin to you so your church can collect items for families! Contact us to schedule a delivery, it will also include information for you to give to your congregation about how their donations will be used.

Bring Change

​Your youth group or congregation can ‘bring change’ to the Appalachian Mountains! Order Anchor Ridge collection cans and have your church or group fill them with loose change. EVERY PENNY COUNTS!