This past week brought great devastation to many families throughout the areas we serve in the Appalachian Mountains.

Torrential rain falls caused severe, massive flooding in parts of southern West Virginia and southwest Virginia. Countless lives, homes, and dreams were lost and shattered.

We currently have a team on the ground assessing the damage, the loss, and all the ways Anchor Ridge and our partners can give Hope back to these families. So far, trucks of desperately needed supplies have been sent to two different sites; But, MUCH more is needed. As our team continues to meet with families and witness their great loss, we are committing to helping these families that have nowhere else to turn.

The need in this area ranges from a complete teardown and cleanup of home debris where homes were washed away, to salvageable homes needing new appliances, furniture, and any household item you can think of.


CLICK HERE to join with us in helping rebuild the lives of mountain families that have lost everything.

Please PRAY for these families. If you sponsor a West Virginia child with Anchor Ridge, please pray for them and ask your family, friends, and church family to do the same! When we agree together in prayer, GOD DOES BIG THINGS and He ANSWERS BIG PRAYERS!