Did you know you can become an Anchor Ridge Community Center sponsor and change the lives of an ENTIRE COMMUNITY of families?

Anchor Ridge currently operates a community distribution center in North Carolina. Through this center and the programs offered to those in need, families can receive clothing, groceries, hygiene items and other supplies, all while receiving the Love of Christ. This center is also our main hub where building supplies, furniture, and other goods are housed and distributed from for families in dire need.

Our second Community Center, located in West Virginia, is currently undergoing renovations and will be a beacon of hope to this community in many ways. Not only will this center serve families in need of food and household supplies but will also be a place of discipleship in Christ, as well as a place where families can learn basic literacy skills, computer skills, money management and other day-to-day life skills.

Community Center Sponsors support a community of kids that are not sponsored!

Another way Community Center Sponsors make an ENORMOUS difference is by supporting Kids that we cannot connect with a sponsor. We often serve children on a temporary basis that are in transition between terrible situations and a new life with a foster parent or a move to another guardian. Because we know we will only be serving these children for a period of a few months, we try not to connect them with a long-term child sponsor.

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