As the Fall Season quickly settles in the Appalachian Mountains, temperatures are beginning to drop substantially. Families are beginning to prepare for the harsh winter just ahead for them. Families in the poorest Appalachian Mountain communities do the very best they can to keep their children and families warm. With limited resources, families use heat sources of wood, coal, kerosene, and any other means available to them. Many homes have inadequate insulation, some dirt floors, others with gaping cracks in the walls, allowing for the cold mountain air to briskly flow through their homes. While we provide as much assistance as we possibly can to assist with these types of needs, we also strive to ensure EVERY CHILD has a warm winter coat!

The cold seasons in the Appalachian Mountains are very difficult, as most people living there simply don’t have the means to keep their families warm. Each year, Anchor Ridge makes it a priority to distribute AS MANY COATS AS POSSIBLE! We consistently hear that without the support of Anchor Ridge partners sending new winter coats, many children and families would simply have to do without this desperately needed item to get through Winter.

You can join with Anchor Ridge to help a child through the cold months by sending them a brand-new winter coat! Each coat that is donated is hand-delivered to a child with Love. Anyone wishing to donate coats can ship them to 1137 River Rd Liberty Grove Rd   N. Wilkesboro, NC 28659, or CLICK HERE and our team will purchase the coats for you and wrap them around a child this winter!

Thank you for supporting Appalachian Mountain Missions and providing for those who need our help the most!